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Physician ICD-10 Training

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Annual Safety Training 2018

One Content Basic Training

Culture of Safety - Medical Office

Culture of Safety - Hospital

Annual HIPAA Training

Health Literacy (ASKUS)


Nursing Education

ED Quality Measures 2018

Patient Safety Satisfaction

Restraints 2018

CDI Screening Prevention 2018

Professional Liability and Competency Handling Controlled Substances 2018

NA TECH CAUTI Prevention 2018

RN CAUTI Prevention Protocol 2018

RN CLABSI Prevention 2018


Plan Of Care Education

Physician-Nurse Pain Management


Pain Management

Sharing Hope SC(formerly LifePoint)

C Diff Screening Prevention NAs TECH

Extended Length IV Catheters

EZ-IO Teleflex

Core Measures

Standards of Care


Standard-Transmission 2016

Sharps Safety

Aeroneb Solo Nebulizer

RxWriter Primary Pharmacy

Telemedicine Training

Tracheostomy Care

Neck Breathers

Workplace Violence Prevention

Pediatric Assessment

Nurse Acknowledge

Ramsay to RASS

Staff Education for Complete Order Process

Diprivan Drip Protocol


End of Life Pain & Symptom Management

Blood Administration and Auto Transfusion

Standard and Transmission Based Precautions

Moderate Sedation

Child Abuse

Change in Patient Condition-Chain of Command Notification

Medication Timely Administration

Chest Tubes


Fire safety in the Operative Setting

Five Level Triage

Malignant Hyperthermia

PCA (Patient Controlled Analgesia)

Recovery of the Post Op Patient

TRALI (Transfusion Related Acute Lung Injury)

Mixing Dantrolene

Surgical Safety Checklist

The Science of Safety

The Science of Safety Test

Health Literacy Video

Teach-Back Method

Health Literacy Skit

CCU Sedation

EZ-IO Training

Advance Directive

One To One Observation


OR Education

Bair Hugger Warming Device

Bair Paws Warming Device

Prevention of Retained Surgical Items

Laparoscopic Smoke Plume

Measuring Competency in Electrosurgery

MIS Decreasing Infection

Recommended Practice Surgical Attire

Reducing The Risk of Surgical Smoke

Surgical Patient Skin Prepping - Reducing Risk of SSI

Sustainable OR Surface Disinfection Processes & Procedures

The Cost of Leaving Things Behind

Tourniquet Application Criteria and Patient Safety

Using Lean Strategies to Reduce Supply Cost


CCU Education

Placement of Arterial Line


Central Venous Pressure

Insertion of Transvenous Pacemaker

Haemodynamics CVP

Haemodynamics Arterial Line


Lab Education

Infectious Substance Shipping



Hospital Noise and the Patient Experience

Drug Shortage



Own The Zone

Global Harmonization (Hazcom)

CMH Hazcom Update

AED LP1000 Training

Emergency Operations Plan

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