Remote User Access Guide


1.     From your computer navigate to the website http://remote.cmhsc.org


2.     Log in using your regular username and password you use at the hospital, plus the VPN password you were assigned.


3.     If you see the below screen, follow steps a & b. If you do not, skip to step 4.


a.     Click on the yellow bar and then click on “Run Add-on on All Websites”


b.     The box below will pop up. Click on “Run”



4.     You are now at the main screen. Click on “Terminal Server” or if you need to access ADP remotely, click on “ADP”.

main screen.png

5.     After clicking on either option you may see the below boxes pop up. If they do not, skip to step 6.

a.     Click on “Do not show this message again” and then click OK. The next box will also pop up, click on “Always”.


6.     The terminal server you are connecting to should now be launching. You will see the below screen for up to 2 minutes before the remote session starts. If nothing ever launches you may need to install java. This can be done at http://www.java.com. Restart this process once the current version of java is installed.


7.     Once the connection begins you will see the terminal server’s desktop overtake your own. This is the terminal server here at the hospital and everything you do until you log off will be done here at Cannon on the terminal server instead of on your computer. It will say Prometheus at the top in a blue bar.

logged in.jpeg

8.     When you are done working click on Start > Logoff to end your session. Then close the webpage for remote.cmhsc.org.